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Give the gift of booty this holiday season

Give the gift of booty this holiday season

December 09, 2020

Happy Holidays APTITUD babes! Do you know what I want from Santa? A nice booty! And we know you want one too. Check out our gift guide for a big booty. You can give the gift of booty to your friends, family, or buy something for yourself...we won't tell anyone ;) 

The best thing about giving the gift of booty is that APTITUD products can be used anywhere! Even though your gyms may be closed the gift of booty is still possible. Scroll through our recommendations and use code HOLIDAY30 at checkout for 30% off your next purchase.


1. The Fit Kit

The Fit Kit includes everything you need for an at home or outdoor workout: 1 cooling towel, a pair of core sliders, one 30 lb resistance tube, a jump rope, and resistance bands (3 Pack Set). The best thing about the Fit Kit is that it is portable. Everything fits conveniently inside a drawstring bag. If you get tired of working out at home you can take your Fit Kit to the beach or the park. The Fit Kit features a set of resistance bands that you can use in tandem with core sliders and the 30 lb resistance tube to grow your booty!

2. The Fit Kit Lite

If you are looking for a budget friendly option, the Fit Kit Lite is for you. Your family and friends love our compact Fit Kit. The Fit Kit Lite includes: a cooling towel, a jump rope, and resistance bands (3 Pack Set) that fit inside of a drawstring bag. This kit is also portable and super lite weight for all of your fitness needsThe Fit Kit  Lite  is centered around a set of resistance bands that you can bring anywhere!

3. Anti Slip Resistance Bands

Give the gift of booty! Resistance bands are a great gift for your fit family members and friends. Use these bands at home, at the gym, park, or beach. Your family and friends will not be disappointed with these extra durable bands.